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Sickening CCTV images of Crosby street attack shows moment two brothers brutally attacked defenceless Blundellsands teenager Marcos Ringle

THESE sickening CCTV images capture the moment two evil brothers pushed a defenceless Blundellsands teenager off his bike – before kicking and stamping on his skull more than 50 times.

Marcos Ringle, 16, was left with permanent brain damage after being beaten within an inch of his life by the McCaig brothers, Martin, 22, and Ryan, 17.

The pair were jailed on Friday for a four-day rampage of robberies and assaults last July.

Their targets included a devastating attack in Everton that almost killed a 64-year-old taxi driver and the robbing of a 21- year-old female student in Bootle.

Harrowing images of the attack on Marcos, were released to the Herald with his family’s blessing. They show Marcos cycling slowly along Coronation Road at 3.45am on July 15 when the brothers cross the road and push him from his Reebok mountain bike – a 16th birthday present they went on to steal.

The teenager barely has a chance to glance at his attackers before they begin stamping ferociously on his head and landing punches on his head and chest.

They laugh and Ryan McCaig returns for more with his victim already lifeless on the pavement.

A witness told how she heard “uncontrollable wailing” and “groaning” from the street. Marcos’ arms and hands were contorted, such was the impact on his brain.

The bike was later found abandoned in Kirkdale, Liverpool, six miles from the scene of the attack.

Judge Clement Goldstone, the Recorder of Liverpool, said Marcos was “pulverised to a pulp”.

Had it not been for the expert skill of paramedics and staff at the critical care unit at Walton, the former Sacred Heart pupil would have died.

He is now in a specialist neurological unit in Surrey and may never fully recover.

Martin McCaig, who is schizophrenic, was jailed for life but will be assessed for parole in seven years. Ryan McCaig, who lived with his brother in Harlech Street, Walton, was detained for 10 years. He could be out in six.

Marcos’ mum, Ann, told how she travelled to Surrey the day after her son’s attackers were jailed.

She said: “I had to pay £98 for a train ticket and travel for five hours so I can give my son a hug and he can see a familiar face.

“At the same time the McCaig brothers will be settling into prison life, with a date for their release.

“When I hug my son we will not have that luxury of knowing that one day this will be over and we can start afresh on a clean page.”

Mrs Ringle, who lives with Marcos’ elder brother Myles and husband Keith, owner of Bridge Road computer store Completely PC, expressed her dismay over the length of sentence handed out to Ryan McCaig.

He escaped a life sentence because of his age – 16 at the time of the attacks.

He pleaded guilty to six counts of robbery and two counts of grievous bodily harm with intent.

Mrs Ringle said: “He could be back on Liverpool streets by the time he is 23, rehabilitated, re- educated and able to put all this behind him, something my son and some of the other victims never will be able to.

“I want to be a bigger person and hope that he is rehabilitated and would come out of prison repentant, mature and wanting to contribute to society but cynically anyone who can indiscriminately beat up old ladies, men or youths to an inch of their life probably will not.”

The McCaigs’ mother, Jean Stafford, 42, was jailed for 15 months for giving police a false account of her sons’ whereabouts after police raided their home in the days following the attack.

She lied and said her sons had been “as good as tucked up” in bed.

Mrs Ringle described Stafford, who was previously convicted for keeping Ryan out of school, as the “linchpin to this horrific story”.

She said: “Going to prison for failing to send your kids to school tells a lot about how she raised them.

“It was even more chilling when her barrister asked that she not be given a custodial sentence so she could go home and parent her two younger children, as it was a struggle for her alcoholic husband.

“No sentence would be enough for the pain and horror inflicted on my son and family but I feel that they are as lucky as any two young men can be.

“This was their lottery win.”

Marcos, who had been on the first part of a citizenship course involving outdoor pursuits at the time of the attack, was a popular and diligent pupil at Sacred Heart Catholic College whose headteacher paid tribute to the teenager.

Ian Walker said: “Having seen some of the shocking images of the attack on Marcos, I can hardly imagine the pain and the anguish that his family are feeling at the moment.

“They are immensely brave to have allowed these images and footage to be shown and all of us in the Sacred Heart community hold them in our thoughts and prayers at this time.”

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