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Beasts: Liverpool judge questions humanity of brothers who carried out 'horror movie' attacks on defenceless victims

TWO Liverpool brothers who embarked on a four-day robbery rampage that left a 16-year-old boy and a defenceless cabbie on the brink of death were today behind bars.

Martin McCaig, 22, and brother Ryan, 17, were jailed for a spree of “catastrophic” violence that a top judge described as “horrific as any horror film could ever be”.

The pair robbed and attacked Crosby teenager Marcos Ringle – stamping and kicking his head more than 50 times – four days after a similar senseless attack on Everton taxi driver Michael Lowry, 64.

Martin barely flinched as he was jailed for life. He will serve a minimum of seven years before his release is contemplated.

Former Broadgreen pupil Ryan – just 16 at the time of the attacks – was jailed for 10 years.

Liverpool Crown Court heard how the brothers, of Harlech Road, Walton, also robbed vulnerable women (see panel, top right) – showing no restraint as they punched, headbutted and kicked them.

Judge Clement Goldstone, the Recorder of Liverpool, spoke of the brothers’ “utter wickedness”.

He told them: “The attacks on Michael Lowry and Marcos Ringle defy belief and would cause anyone to question whether you were human beings at all.”

The court heard how “slightly-built” Mr Lowry was walking home along Heyworth Avenue in Everton at 1.45am on July 12 last year when he was targeted.

They stamped on his head more than seven times, turning their backs when cars passed before “returning for more”, leaving him lying in the gutter unconscious.

He spent months in hospital with extensive injuries to his brain and face. He is now in a rehabilitation centre.

Judge Goldstone said: “When the coast was clear you returned and proceeded to launch upon him an attack which was utterly severe and as horrific to view on CCTV as any horror film could ever be. This was not however a film – it was real life. It is difficult to imagine worse or more cruel and systematic behaviour.”

He added: “Mr Lowry was repeatedly kicked and stamped upon. One of you was seen holding his head while the other one of you kicked it. Whether or not that was done to maximise the harm you could cause him, in that you certainly succeeded.

“You came within an inch of killing him.”

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