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Charity shop targetted as fly tippers dump garden waste

A WATERLOO charity shop has received an unwanted donation after 150 bags full of soil were dumped in their back yard.

Staff at Crosby Housing Association Charity Shop, on Lorne Road, Waterloo, made the discovery last week after workers noticed the shop’s back gate had been forced.

On entering the rarely-used yard, they discovered 150 sacks full of soil and other garden waste had been dumped outside the shop, completely blocking the staff’s fire escape.

Shop manager Stephanie Morris said she had no idea when the fly tippers had targeted the shop.

Stephanie said: “We never really use the yard, so I could not believe it when I walked out there and saw the mess.

“It could have been left there in the summer because the vegetation is all very dry but we have no way of knowing who did this.

“I think they must be local and knew that we had this space outside the shop that we never used.”

The shop has faced numerous problems over the last few months, with people stealing donations left outside.

“It feels like you need cameras everywhere these days.

“People take the goods donated and sell them to cash for clothes shops and it was only a few months ago that someone stole the lead off the roof.”

The charity, which raises funds that support a range of tenant welfare, environment and community initiatives across Sefton, will now have to pay £700 to contractors to get the bags removed.

“It’s like people are forgetting what charity means,” added Stephanie.

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