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The ‘steaks’ were high for Milly in National Cookery Competition

The steaks were high for Milly in National Cookery Competition

Milly Cadman, a student from Merchant Taylors’ Girls’ School, recently came third in the regional heat of the ‘Make it with Mince Challenge 2012’. The challenge, developed by the Organisation for the English Beef and Sheep Industry (EBLEX), encourages children aged 11-16 to develop original recipes. The recipes had to include mince and were judged by a panel fronted by celebrity chef James Martin.

Milly, who is currently in year nine, said before the regional heat, “I am thrilled to have been chosen for this competition – I can’t believe they chose my recipe. Cooking is one of my main passions and even though I am a vegetarian, I will be cooking a dish inspired by my mum’s famous mince curry – although I won’t be taste testing it myself!”

Headmistress of the Senior Girls’ School, Mrs Louise Robinson said, “We are very proud that Milly qualified for the competition. It must have been a thrill for her to have had her recipe judged and tasted by such a high profile chef.”

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