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Waterloo Partnership launches its Christmas Gift Scheme

A WATERLOO charity which has forged links with its African namesake is preparing to launch a Christmas appeal.

The Waterloo Partnership offers support, aid and friendship to the people of Waterloo, in Sierra Leone, which is still recovering from a catastrophic Civil War.

Through their Christmas Gift Scheme, which provides school uniforms, seeds, hens and tools to people in need in the charity is able to make a significant impact.

The gift scheme also supports a wide variety of projects, from funding children to go to school and rebuilding collapsed bridges to establishing two bakeries to meet the demand for bread in the area.

Retired physician Dr Fred Nye and his wife Linda, who run the charity from their home on Bonnington Avenue, are hoping that the people of Crosby and Waterloo will once again dig deep after they raised more than £8,000 last year.

Dr Nye said: “We appreciate it so much when the local community gets involved.

“My wife and I have been over most years and have seen first hand the difference the money has made and the friendships which have been built.”

The charity was founded by former Crosby MP Claire Curtis-Thomas after a trip to Sierra Leone, which saw her visit the town which experienced terrible violence during the Civil War.

Mr Nye said: “The town’s position near Freetown, at the neck of a peninsula meant it became a target for rebel soldiers who pillaged and ravaged homes, schools, churches, offices, and government buildings, with many of the inhabitants running away.

“The town has still not recovered even though the war ended 10 years ago.”

Much of the charity’s work now concentrates on education and sustainable development.

Dr Nye added: “If you educate someone, they are educated for life and you can’t take that away.”

To find out more about the Christmas Gift Scheme go to www.waterloopartnership.co.uk or email frederick.nye@googlemail.com

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