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Poppy appeal box stolen from Waterloo shop

CCTV of a man stealing charity boxes from the Londis store in Waterloo

A POPPY Appeal collection box containing about £100 was stolen from a fundraiser’s shop the morning after Remembrance Day.

Police are searching for a man seen on the shop’s CCTV whom they want to question in connection with the theft.

Vice-chairman of the Crosby and Waterloo Royal British Legion, Jeff Cheetham, who owns the Londis store on St Johns Road, Waterloo, said he realised the box was missing yesterday morning.

When he looked through the CCTV footage he saw a man take the collection box, along with a  box for the air ambulance, just before 7.30am on Monday.

He said: “This has really hurt me.

“There is no more despicable crime than to steal from a charity.

“We literally hadn’t slept for a week because we had been doing so much for the Poppy Appeal.

“A lot of work goes into it and for someone to do this is just despicable.”

He added: “On Sunday, we were marching behind our British Legion flag along with the police and then I came back into work and found this had happened.”

Royal British Legion committee member Jack Colbert, a former Crosby councillor, said watching the CCTV footage of the incident had brought him to tears.

He said: “I was very emotional when I watched it.

“I come from a very poor background, we didn’t have two pennies to rub together, but I would never consider stealing from charities.

“It is the lowest of the low. The only word I can use to describe this person is scum.”

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