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Liverpool granddad’s house attacked and dead pigs’ heads, rats and fish dumped in front garden

A LIVERPOOL PENSIONER today spoke of his horror after his house was graffitied, his windows smashed and dead pigs’ heads, rats and fish were scattered across his front garden.

Grandad-of-four Anthony Fowler, 69, was woken in the early hours of yesterday morning to the sound of smashing glass and a firework being set off.

The former caretaker for Knowsley Housing, who lives in Litherland, alerted his neighbour, who raised the alarm.

Dad-of-four Mr Fowler told the ECHO: “What’s happened is terrible. I woke up at 3.15am and I thought what is that noise?

“Now, I’m getting kids coming up to me saying ‘you are a grass’ because someone has painted ‘grass’ on my front garden wall.

“But it’s got nothing to do with me. I want to get away from all the kids saying this to me.

“How am I meant to live in these conditions? The targeting has happened before.

“I had a stroke recently and so I’m not in the best shape health-wise.”

The pig's heads which have been left on Anthony Fowler's garden

A firework was set off outside Mr Fowler’s house and around six dead grey-coloured rats and at least 10 sliced-up fish were dotted around his garden. Two pigs’ heads were placed on the pillars beside his front gate.

Torn-up pornographic magazines were also strewn across the front lawn. Glass in the front door and windows were smashed.