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Robbers caught on CCTV removing balaclavas in Crosby raid

Bargain Booze knife robbery, Coronation Road, Crosby

ARMED with long bladed knives and their faces covered with balaclavas this pair thought they’d got away with robbery.

After threatening staff with terrifyingly large blades they grabbed hundreds of pounds worth of cigarettes and cash in a raid on Coronation Road’s Bargain Booze.

But they celebrated too soon and were picked up on the shop’s very last CCTV camera – removing their balaclavas.

They were caught short by a pin point camera, which they failed to spot in their hurry to flee the shop.

Now detectives are sure that a Crosby Herald reader will recognise this man and will help them to hunt him down.

More than anything they reckon that someone will know the very distinctive hairline that almost stayed hidden under the balaclava.

The raid took place on Thursday, February 25 just before 7pm at Bargain Booze on Coronation Road.

There were no customers in the shop when the masked men burst in, but two terrified staff, a man and a woman, were confronted by the thugs.

The robbers entered through the front door, one jumped on to the counter and threatened staff with a large long bladed knife.

The pair forced the staff to open the till and then stole hundreds of pounds in cash and cigarettes.