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Jade Wright: What to do in the organic garden this week

What to do in the organic garden this week:Read

Free cycle safety classes in Sefton

FREE courses are on offer to help children develop their cycling road skills and confidence.Read

The workout with a difference at Sefton’s eco-friendly gym

IT’S a workout with a difference – wearing wellies in a gym that’s in the great outdoors.Read

Rhino keeper named as Green Traveller of the Year

A RHINO keeper has been named as Chester Zoo’s Green Traveller of the Year.Read

Community farm students join Rotten Row volunteers

A TEAM from a Formby farm have lent a hand to spruce up Rotten Row.Read

Sefton is wheely good at cycling

SEFTON has proved to be wheely good with new that , there are 25% more people cycling in Merseyside than there were five years ago.Read

Join the stargaze in Ainsdale

DISCOVER the wonders of the solar system and beyond with Liverpool Astronomical Society and Sefton Coast and Countryside Service.Read

Hear wildlife photographer Michael Leach’s Southport talk

MEET likeminded people at the RSPB Southport January meeting tonight.Read

Help birds to find a nest box in time for spring

LOOKING for a new home for the new year? You’re not alone.Read

Great green activities for the new year

JOIN the Young Park Rangers in Bedford Park, Birkdale, on Saturday, January 7. Head down to join in a variety of activities and games organised by the park rangers. Suitable for children over seven, it runs from 11am-1pm in Bedford Park. To book, call 0151 934 2932.Read

A year of unpredictable weather takes toll on Sefton’s wildlife

SEFTON wildlife has had to cope with a year of unusual weather that saw “two springs and no summer” but many species have fared well, the National Trust has said.Read

Recycle your Christmas tree

THE festive season may be over, but there’s still chance to recycle your tree and cards after you take them down on Twelfth Night.Read

Help stamp out threats to albatrosses this new year

HELP stamp out threats to albatrosses during the season of goodwill, that’s the festive plea from the RSPB, which is asking people to help raise funds by saving up the stamps from their Christmas post.Read

Green and gorgeous

Top tips for what to do in the organic garden this week:Read

‘Tis the season to be environmentally friendly

CHRISTMAS may be over for another year but there’s still a mountain of waste to deal with.Read

The heavy dog and the blackbird who wouldn’t sing – unusual calls to the RSPCA

THE RSPCA has revealed some of the more unusual requests for help in 2011 – including concern about radioactive gulls and advice on microchipping a guitar.Read

Community beach clean ups to help Sefton coastal wildlife

COMMUNITY campaigners are launching a beach litter crusade after the number of coastal rangers at Sefton Council was cut in half.Read

Enjoy a vegetarian Christmas dinner

MESEYSIDER Niki O’Leary is urging Sefton residents to have a compassionate Christmas this year and leave turkey off the menu.Read

Decline in butterfly numbers

ALMOST three quarters of the UK’s butterfly species have seen numbers decline in the past decade, a major study showed this week.Read

Top tips for garden wildlife this winter

IF you see a hedgehog foraging in your garden at this time of year, chances are that it’s been fooled by the weather.Read